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February 27th, 2014 | Posted by Vital Home Security in Energy Management | Home Automation | Home Security | Uncategorized

Are you a current Vivint customer and know someone who should be, too?

Or has a friend been telling you about how much they love their Vivint Home Security system and so here you are checking it out, too?

Whether you were referred by a friend or have someone to refer, we want to reward you both! We will pay $200 to an existing customer AND $200 to the newly activated account as a result of a referral. The new customer just needs to call us at (855) 855-8765 and give us name of their referring friend or family member and we will take care of the rest!

Why are we so eager hand out rewards for referrals? Because current customer reviews and testimonials are the key to Vivint’s rapid growth in the home security market. Vivint’s greatest source of new customers is by far the referrals from friends and relatives. Once people hear firsthand how revolutionary Vivint is for their home security and automation needs, they want to own it, too!

Click Here for more info, or call us at (855) 855-8765 to speak to a representative and earn an extra reward for yourself and a friend today!

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  • Darrell Marker says:

    I have two friends who have expressed an interest in my Viviant system. I would like to give a referral to you. Contact me by e-mail and I will give you their names and addresses.

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